Watch the Dramatic Moment a Sea Lion Dragged a Little Girl Into the Water

posted: 05/23/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
People can't stop talking about a video that documents a sea lion yanking a little girl into the waters of a Canadian port, which was something officials said resulted from her parents' "reckless behavior."

The video starts off with the sea lion swimming close to a dock in Steveston, British Columbia, after someone threw a piece of food into the water. The little girl puts her arms on the ledge of the dock to get a closer look at the animal, but then she sits on it, and that's when things took a turn for the worst.

The sea lion quickly leaps out of the water and grabs the girl's dress, dragging her in. A man instantly jumps in after her and helps her out.

"...You certainly shouldn't be letting your little girl sit on the edge of the dock with her dress hanging down after the sea lion has already snapped at her once," said Robert Kiesman, chair of the Steveston Harbour Authority. "Just totally reckless behavior."

Officials believe this incident resulted from tourists feeding the animal, which is off-limits. Andrew Trites, the director of the University of British Columbia's Marine Mammal Research Unit, said the sea lion probably mistook the girl's dress for food.

"You wouldn't go up to a grizzly bear in the bush and hand him a ham sandwich," Kiesman said, "so you shouldn't be handing a thousand-pound wild mammal in the water slices of bread."

The man behind the camera, Michael Fujiwara, said he started to film when the sea lion approached the edge of the dock. He said a family started to feed it bread crumbs and soon after that the little girl got close to the water.

He said no one appeared to be injured by this event, but the family seemed to be in shock.

Nonetheless, authorities hope this incident will help expose the dangers of feeding wild animals like sea lions.