Watch Both Major Reveals on Night 2 of This Is Life Live

posted: 04/25/17

The second episode of This Is Life Live had our hearts pounding just as much as the first! We met two people who spent their lives fighting--one through an illness and one through a personal secret.

We start with Ryan, who travelled to Australia to pursue his dream of playing baseball professionally. Ryan is incredibly close with his mother, but living halfway across the world allowed him the time and growth to strengthen his relationship with himself. Now that he's told his friends and teammates that he's gay, he's looking to come out to his mother. Watch the live moment below, and remember to breath because this one's a doozy!

We also met Heather, who suffers from Stargardt disease and is legally blind. Because of this she's never seen her children's faces. After multiple tests, the doctors determined Heather was a perfect candidate for special glasses that utilize new technology that should give her the gift of sight. With her family in the room, Heather tries on her glasses for the first time. Watch the live moment below.

Watch an interview with Ryan and his mother, Lorraine, on our After Show following their live conversation. You can also watch the full first episode now on TLCgo!
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