Watch Adele Help a Lucky Lady Propose to Her Boyfriend on Leap Day

posted: 03/03/16
by: Mara Betsch
adele performing belfast

Adele may be a chart-topping, Grammy-winning singer, but as she's proved with one fantastic Carpool Karaoke video and an epic "Ellen" prank, she also has an exceptional sense of humor.

And that was on display as she performed in Belfast as part of her world tour. It was Leap Day, which, in Europe, is also known as Bachelor's Day. In the past, it was the one day where a woman were "allowed" to propose to a man.

Adele decided to keep the tradition going by inviting any women who wanted to propose up to her stage. After a young girl (it was her birthday) proved to be insincere, the candid crooner called on a woman, Hayley, claiming. "I'll boot ya off the stage if you come on and it's not a real proposal."

Hayley definitely did not disappoint. After telling Adele that she had actually proposed to her boyfriend earlier, the singer asked what he said. Hayley's boyfriend's response? "Maybe in a little while." Adele, not thrilled with this response, encouraged the crowd to razz him into giving her "a proper yes." Watch the whole hilarious interaction below (the fun starts around 2:40):