Want to Try The ‘Ombre Lip’ Trend? Here’s How

posted: 01/25/16
by: TLCme

You've probably heard more about "ombre hair" than you thought possible, but we're guessing you've heard a little less about "ombre lips." If you've heard the term but are wondering just what it really means, "ombre lips" are almost like ombre hair in reverse: they're darker on the outside and get lighter on the inside. Unlike the dark-liner-light-lipstick trend that was popular in the '80s and early '90s, this is a more subtle approach to using different shades on your lips. Confused? Intrigued? Want to learn how? Keep scrolling.

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The best way to achieve the ombre lip look is to start with a light base color all over, and then layer on the darker colors.

The result can be a subtle, glowing lip.

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Or a slightly more dramatic contrast.

Or a very dramatic contrast.

Ready to try it out? Makeup by Cinthya has a great step-by-step:

Need to see it in action? Kat Von D (formerly of TLC's "LA Ink") does a great tutorial (and her liquid lipsticks are a favorite of the ombre lip fan club, by the way).