Wait Until You Hear The Sweet Reason This Man Has a Painted Pinky Nail

posted: 05/10/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Libby Sanders knows she's in good hands when it comes to her husband. The Indiana couple have been gaining a lot of attention after a Facebook post of Libby's has gone viral and it's all because of nail polish.

Earlier this year, Libby lost her left pinky finger after a freak accident with a screen door. Since the accident, she often feels self-conscious about the missing finger, but her husband Matt has been nothing but supportive. In her Facebook post, Libby shares that she was painting her nails and realized she didn't need to paint her pinky, and the look of disappointment on Libby's face was too much for Matt.

He told the Today Show: "I love her to death, she is my best friend and any look of disappointment from your best friend you want to fix. When she was lamenting about her pinky I said, 'hey, well, I'll paint my pinky, I'll be your surrogate.'"

When Libby posted the pictures and a touching message to her husband, the internet fell in love with Matt's sweet gesture and this adorable couple.

While some men might not be comfortable sporting pastel paint on their fingers, Matt doesn't mind the nail polish one bit and says: "Every time I look down at my painted fingernail I think of her."