“The Power of Makeup” Video Inspires Incredible Pre- and Post-Makeup Selfies

posted: 06/29/15
by: Olivia Frymark

Last month, beauty vlogger Nikkie Tutorials published a video titled, "The Power of MAKEUP!," to celebrate female empowerment with a little help from makeup. In the video, Nikkie explains her belief that women should not have to feel ashamed or embarrassed for using any amount of makeup to feel good about themselves.

Since the video went viral, Nikkie's amazing transformation has inspired social media users to post their own makeup selfies online using #thepowerofmakeup. Almost 17,000 Instagram pictures have been published promoting Nikkie's message, and the captivating selfies illustrate pre- and post-beauty routines from women wanting to strike back against makeup shamers.

The half-face selfies provide photo evidence of Nikkie's idea that "makeup is fun and there are no rules." Let's all take a note from Nikkie's video and trending pictures to celebrate makeup as the glamorous tool it is! Here are four of our favorite selfies -- do they inspire you to post your own?


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