Viola Davis Teaches Us All How to Have a Beautiful Vow Renewal

posted: 02/18/16
by: TLCme

Viola Davis is one elegant lady, and it's no surprise that her vow renewal ceremony with husband Julius Tennon this weekend was just as classy as you'd expect. Though she planned the event on Valentine's Day, she kept everything all-white to represent purity. In fact, the whole thing was packed with symbolism.

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"I opted to make a wreath-like arrangement with three floating candles representing Viola, Julius and [their daughter] Genesis being surrounded by friends and family. And the abundant white hydrangea represents destiny," Yingka Chou of Master Plans Events & Designs told People.com. Everyone wore white, and the bride wore Carmen Marc Valvo, one of her favorite designers.

Everything was planned to the last detail, even the invitations, which Davis posted to her Instagram account.

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Davis and her husband Julius Tennon wed in 2003, and they honored their love and commitment through beautiful speeches. A video posted to her Facebook account captured the kind words.

"I really feel alive. This really makes a life," said Davis. "If I had to look back on my life, this is the moment that would play out and I would think, 'Well done.' "

Tennon followed with "This auspicious meeting between us happened almost 17 years ago ... It's been the most beautiful union. Viola, you've been amazing. She teaches me every day how to man up, how to agree to disagree but let's get it done, don't let the sun go down on your anger."

But most importantly, the couple's daughter Genesis seemed pretty stoked to see her parents walk down the aisle, again! We wouldn't be surprised if this event is being shown to planners everywhere as the ideal vow renewal ceremony.

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