Very Tiny, Very Opinionated Flower Girl Schools Her Dad on Weddings

posted: 09/21/15
by: Mara Betsch

JoJo Lomelino may be young, but she definitely knows a thing or two about weddings. Because, as a four-year-old flower girl, she's clearly an expert!

First, she tells her dad that he doesn't know what weddings look like, and then she proceeds to give him specific instructions as to how he should behave while she fulfills her role as flower girl. He listens patiently but seems to enjoy egging her on when he asks "What if I just yell 'princess'?" JoJo, in turn, scolds him and finally, exasperated, says "You do NOT understand weddings. At ALL." Watch the world's feistiest flower girl gives her father -- and all dads -- a lesson in not embarrassing their children.