Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for the Laid-Back Couple

posted: 02/05/18
by: Kristine Boyd


Time to start planning how to celebrate Valentine's day with your loved ones! Going out to an event or nice restaurant is always fun, but sometimes it is nice to have a change of pace. Who says you need a fancy date to have an enjoyable romantic night? If a cozy night in sounds better than a night out on the town, then these date ideas are perfect for you!


Tackle a Recipe Project for Dinner

If you want to cook dinner together, try something a little out of your comfort zone. It is easy to whip up one of the many weeknight dinners in your repertoire, but Valentine's day calls for something special. You can try to make homemade pizzas, pastas or roasting something all day. You both will have loads of fun trying out fun and different recipes that you don't have every day!



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At Home Wine Tasting

Go to the store and pick out a few different wines that you think you both might like. While you're at the store, pick up different cheeses and appetizers that will go with the wines you chose. When you get home, light candles, lay out a few glasses and have your very own at-home wine tasting! This is such a fun idea for a night in and you can even invite other couples you know to participate.


Active Day Out Followed by a Night In

Make your Valentine's Day plans an all-day event. Start off doing something fun during the day. You could go on a hike, to a park, or any fun activity you love doing together. After a day of fun, have a relaxing night in. Open a bottle of wine, order takeout, and watch your favorite movies. This is the perfect day date for the laid-back couple who loves a night in!


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Themed Dinner and a Movie

Pick a place that you and your loved one adore or have always wanted to visit. Then pick recipes from that cuisine and a movie that follows the theme. You can take this themed night to France, Spain, Texas or even theme a night around your favorite show. Whatever theme you pick, you are sure to have fun making new recipes together while watching movies.


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If you are looking to get away for a night, then you need to take a staycation. You can get a hotel room or rent an Airbnb for the night. This is a great way to get away without going too far. Something about being in a new place for a night is extremely romantic and you and your loved one are sure to have a great time!



Game Night

Game night is often overlooked when we think of date nights. But we forget how much fun it can be to act like kids again. For a night full of laughs and great memories try having a good old-fashioned game night. You can play all your favorite games that you used to love playing as a kid. Set up a snack station and play movies in the background for a truly enable night that you will remember forever.


Valentine's day doesn't mean fancy and expensive dates. This day is about spending time with people you love! Try out some of these low-key date night ideas that are romantic and inexpensive.