Uses for Essential Oils You Never Knew Existed

posted: 07/27/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Essential oils are like the magic hat of the wellness world. You can just keep pulling out new tricks! If there is a problem, it's likely there is an oil solution for it. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what these powerful, all-natural oils can do. There are so many unique ways to incorporate them into your everyday life that many people don't know about! That's why we are sharing some of the best uses for essential oils that you probably never new existed.

  1. Eyelash Serum

Looking for long, luscious lashes? Add castor oil, rosemary oil, and lavender oil to an empty mascara tube and apply every night before you go to sleep. This combination is like food for your lashes! People have even reported needing to take breaks from this serum because their lashes grow too long. Magic!

  1. Natural Highlights

If you're laying out by the pool or beach, try putting a few drops of lemongrass oil into your hair products to promote natural highlights in your hair. No need to spend money getting them professionally done! Just lemongrass and sunlight are all you need for gorgeous, natural highlights.

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  1. Bug Repellent

By putting a few drops of lemongrass, lavender, or rosemary oil around your windows and doors, you can prevent flying insects from getting into your home. You can use those same oils mixed with witch hazel to create and all-natural bug spray that is extremely effective!

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  1. Speed Heal Tattoos

If you have ever gotten a tattoo, you know the healing process is less than ideal. With a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil, you can speed up healing immensely! This duo is everything you need for your fresh ink. The coconut oil will hydrate the skin while the tea tree oil kills any unwanted bacteria.

  1. End Dessert Cravings

People swear by diffusing a sweet essential oil when they are craving a not-so-healthy sweet treat. By smelling something like vanilla or cinnamon in the air while sipping on a cup of tea, tricks your brain into thinking you're having something indulgent, when you're actually making a healthy choice!

  1. Train Your Cat

Yes, you read that correctly. It has been scientifically proven that cats hate the smell of basil. It is a phenomenon that has helped people train their cats for years. Simply put a few drops of basil oil on the tables or furniture you don't want your cats getting on, and they will steer clear of those household items for a months to come!

It is truly amazing how many uses there are for these essential oils! If you want to learn the basics of essential oils, read this guide for beginners that tells you everything you need to know!