Use These 2 Brilliant Pantyhose Hacks to Prevent Runs

posted: 10/27/15
by: Mara Betsch
Torn pantyhose

For ladies, cold weather means breaking out our favorite comfy sweaters, knit scarves and suede booties. It also means digging in our drawers for a pair of tights that's run-free...and then basically tiptoeing to work to avoid any tears.

But did you know there are a few ways to prevent runs before (and after) they start?

When you get a new pair of tights, before you even wear them, take them out of the packaging, run them under cold water, wring them out, stick them in a plastic bag, and put them in the freezer. After freezing for a few hours (or overnight), let them thaw out before you want to wear them. Why? The cold temps are supposed to strengthen the nylon.

Seems like too much work? Try spraying new tights with hairspray. According to WhoWhatWear, this bonds the fibers together to prevent future tears. This hack can also work if you have a tiny tear and want to prevent it from getting any bigger.

And voila, two oh-so-simple ways to ensure your tights last the entire winter.