Unique Ways to Honor Your Sibling at Your Wedding

posted: 12/07/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Beautiful young bride with her bridesmaids outside in nature

While it's his job to entertain the masses on TV and radio, Ryan Seacrest recently took on a very different job. While celebrating his younger sister's wedding, he served as her "Man of Honor."

"Trying to fit in," Ryan captioned this Instagram picture from the bridal party's pre-wedding toast, "Final countdown!" He even shared candid pictures of him fulfilling his "Man of Honor" duties carrying her dress and posing for family pictures. If you're planning your wedding and you want your brother or sister to play an important role in your "I do's," here are unique ways to include your siblings on your big day.

Give your brother or sister one of the most important tasks of the day--being your officiant! By taking just a few steps, most can be done online, your sibling could be the one that officiates your wedding with a personal and unique wedding ceremony.

Highlight your sibling's talents like singing, playing music, or even their crafty side by asking them to be an active part of your day and share their skills. So if you have a brother that sings beautifully and plays the guitar, ask him to play the music during your ceremony or cocktail hour. If your sister create s gorgeous flower arrangements, ask her to create the bouquets for your big day.

For your something borrowed, why not borrow something from your sibling like the veil your sister wore on her wedding day or a piece of jewelry or cufflink from your brother.

If your siblings aren't in your wedding party, you can still honor them by giving them small bouquets, wrist corsages, or boutonnieres.

Is there is a song from your childhood that always makes you think of sweet times with your sibling? Then make that a must play song for your DJ or band. When the song comes on, grab your sibling and take a spin on the dance floor.

Let them play hostess with the mostess by asking them to coordinate and host your wedding shower or bachelorette party.

If you're lucky enough to have your grandparents at your wedding, ask your sibling to be the one that escorts them down the aisle before your ceremony.