Unexpected Wedding Venues That are Actually Extremely Cute

posted: 07/12/17
by: Kristine Boyd

We love classic weddings that take place in backyards, beaches and barns. But, we have some new ideas for all the future brides out there. It's time to start thinking outside of the box and chose a venue that truly represents you and your future spouse. These unexpected wedding venues are sure to get you excited about your special day.

Desert Wedding

Take your bohemian themed wedding to the next level with a desert wedding. Don't be alarmed, most desert weddings are held in the evening when its breezy and the stars are coming out.

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Greenhouse Wedding

This greenhouse wedding is surrounded by flowers and greenery. You will be overwhelmed with how beautiful your venue looks. The best part about the greenhouse is that you get all the benefits of an outdoor wedding without having to worry about the weather!
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Camping Wedding

This is perfect for the adventurous couple. Upscale from camping to glamping for your wedding day! This is a creative, fun way to have a rustic wedding that you and your future spouse will love!

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Treehouse Wedding

You will definitely be the first one of your friends to have a treehouse wedding. This idea is so much fun and so unique! Surrounded by forestry and friends, you're sure to have a good time.

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Mountain Wedding

It may seem extreme to have a wedding on top of a mountain, but it is becoming way more accessible to the average bride. This is a venue that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. Everywhere you look you will have a breathtaking view and the pictures will be beautiful!

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Antique Shop Wedding

Ever thought of renting out a store for a wedding? Sounds like a strange idea, but now you see why people are doing this. This is such a cute idea to get a rustic, quaint wedding in a unique way. We love this idea!

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These ideas are perfect for your big day. For more wedding tips, tricks and ideas check out our wedding section full of helpful blog posts to make planning a breeze!