Twin Toddlers Climb Out of Their Cribs to Party in Hilarious Time-Lapse Video

posted: 03/22/17
by: Blythe Copeland

For 2-year-old twins Andrew and Ryan Balkin, bedtime doesn't mean falling asleep quietly in their cribs: Instead, these pint-sized climbers use it as the start of an epic party in their room. Their parents, Jonathan and Susan, captured the boys' post-bedtime antics in this viral time-lapse video: Watch as the twins sneak out of their cribs, lounge on the couch, pile up their pillows and mattresses, climb over each other -- and ignore their parents' attempts to get them back in bed.

"We actually had heard them giggling and laughing from our living room, so we were eavesdropping outside their door," said Jonathan. "We ended up spying on them for a little while on the camera to make sure they weren't getting into trouble, they weren't getting hurt. Then after a while we decided, 'Okay, it's time to put them to bed.' That didn't really work out so well."

Via People