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posted: 07/07/17
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Total Body Stroller Workout with Danielle Busby

With 6 daughters, OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby makes sure healthy lifestyle remains a priority in her household. Now that the quints are turning 2 and chaos levels are rising, this super mom found the perfect way to incorporate a workout into her everyday routine. Try out this total body stroller workout with Danielle, and make sure to tune in to OutDaughtered season premiere Tuesday, July 11th at 9/8c!

Squats Danielle
All of these moves can be done during a stroll with your kids! Take three breaks during the walk and work in these moves! The first is a typical squat as seen above.
Calf Raise Danielle
Danielle recommends working in a calf raise after each squat to help target both the glutes and the calves in one full move! The mom of 6 usually fits in 10-15 squats-to-calf-raises three times throughout her walk.
Leg Lift Danielle
Next, Danielle keeps targeting her glutes and thighs with a leg raise, as seen above. It's super important to keep your back upright and make sure all the movement is coming from your lower body. Of course, ever the overachiever, Danielle combines this move with another favorite.
Knee Crunch Danielle
By adding a knee crunch to the leg lift, Danielle makes it all about the abs! Make sure to keep your core tight when you bring your knee into your chest. Again, she recommends including this two-part move during your walk breaks with about 10-15 reps per break.
Lunges Danielle
Next, you'll hate them, but your legs will LOVE them! Lunges! Copy Danielle's form and do 10-15 reps of these bad boys for each leg. You can do them during your walk break or as you walk! If you want to challenge yourself a little, try 10-15 pulsing lunges at the end.

Catch up with Danielle and the whole Busby clan before the season premiere with full episodes on TLC GO!
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