Triplets Born With Rare Skull Defect Defy Odds and Make Medical History

posted: 05/09/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
triplets with rare skull defect
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The Howards were already stunned when a sonogram tech told them they were having three babies as opposed to one.

So imagine how shocked they were when they found out all three made medical history.

Hunter, Jackson and Kaden are considered to be the first set of triplets born with craniosynostosis: a rare birth defect where a baby's skull will fuse together before the brain can fully form. Given this, the triplets all underwent corrective surgery and "did great," said their mother Amy.

"I was very freaked out," father Mike Howard, 41, told TODAY. "Any time you have to put the baby [in an operating room], it's a little crazy."

An effect of this early skull fusion is a misshapen head, which needs to be corrected. Thus, each baby underwent corrective surgery in January, reports TODAY. Doctors made small incisions into each of the baby's heads and used various medical tools to remove the fused steam. Now, the babies must wear custom-made helmets for a couple more months to continue the corrective process.

"It took them a little bit of time to adjust," Amy, 38, said to TODAY, "but they don't give me any problems taking them off or putting them back on at all."

It was during a routine check-up when the Howards found out they were having three babies as opposed to just one. The couple recounted how the sonogram tech found the first fetus in Amy, then found a second one and then found a third. Hunter and Jackson are identical twins while Kaden is their brother.

They were conceived without any help from fertility treatments; the couple just "got lucky," Mike told TODAY.

Now several months post-surgery, the Howards are living a "crazy" but "awesome" life with their sons and thinking about what life might be like with a little girl, too.

"With our luck," said Mike, "we would have another set of triplets."