Travel Day Hacks for Kids

posted: 12/27/17
by: TLCme

Travel days can be especially stressful when you have kids. Luckily, our life hacks expert Amanda Mushro recently returned from a Princess Cruises vacation and shared her top three tips and tricks to stress-free travel with little ones.

Give Each Kid Their Own Book Bag
Keeping your child stocked with all of the toys, snacks, and activities they'll need is crucial for any travel day. To make things simple, give each of your children their own book bag with all of their travel day belongings. This way you're not constantly sifting through your own bag to find what your kids are looking for AND it lightens your load.

Surprise them with "Gifts"
Surprising your children with one or two inexpensive travel games is a great way to keep the spirits up on a travel day. Wrap them in tin foil or a fabric bags and hide them in their backpacks. Not only does it give them one extra activity to do, but it makes them feel happy and excited.

Create a Journal
This travel day activity will become one of your favorite souvenirs! Buy your children notebooks and some decorating materials and have decorate their journals en route to the vacation. Have them write about what they're most excited about and then continue to fill it up through the vacation with memories and photos--it will end up being a fantastic keepsake!

Want more travel day hacks? Watch more from Amanda's Princess Cruises vacation in the video below!