Trading Spaces’ Joanie Sprague Showed Us the Perfect DIY Valentine’s Gift!

posted: 02/14/18
by: TLCme

Tricks of the Trade: Joanie Sprague's Perfect Gift

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Trading Spaces carpenter, Joanie Sprague, has the perfect (and practical) present for that special someone!

Looking for a gift that's both thoughtful and practical this Valentine's Day? Joanie Sprague, a new carpenter on Trading Spaces, has you -- and your toilet -- covered! That's right, bathroom DIYs can be romantic too!

In the above video, the first of Joanie's new TLCme vlog series Tricks of the Trade, the carpenter and former model shows you how to install a soft-closing toilet seat. See her instructions and the tools you'll need below!


Phillips head screw driver
Socket wrench with 1/2" socket drive to fit the hinge bolts
Soft-closing toilet seat kit, available at most hardware stores


1. Make sure you buy the right shape/shade of seat for your toilet.
2. Loosen the existing seat. You may need to hold the nut underneath as you loosen from above with the screwdriver.
3. Remove seat and clean the area well - yuck! But yay for a fresh start!
4. Put the new toilet connection pieces together per the instructions
5. Install new seat, making sure to leave the front of the new seat flush with the bowl.
6. Tighten the new bolts underneath until they click or a safety piece snaps off, (per the instructions).
7. Congrats you did it! Now test it out (lol)!

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