Trading Spaces Carpenter Joanie Sprague’s 5 Easy Tips for DIY Sanding and Staining

posted: 03/30/18
by: TLCme

Tricks of the Trade: Sanding and Staining 101

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Joanie Sprague of TLC’s Trading Spaces provides a tutorial on sanding and staining for your home renovation projects.

Trading Spaces proved that you don't need a lot of money or a lot of time to try your hand at interior design. Now, with the return of the mother of all design shows this Saturday, April 7th at 8/7c, we've caught that DIY bug again! Good thing new Trading Spaces carpenter Joanie Sprague is spilling all her renovation tips! Read her 5 tips for DIY sanding and staining and watch her tutorial above. Remember, even beginners can follow this!

1. Take your time.
Taking the time to sand and stain thoroughly will make a huge difference. Staining requires open pores to be received well in the wood. It's super important to make sure you do enough sanding. Staining will highlight blemishes and scratches even more!


2. Go basic.
Choose a basic stain without polyurethane in it for basic beginner projects. Do a coat of polyurethane separately.


3. Protect yourself!
Make sure to wear disposable gloves and old clothes.


4. Pick the right tools.
Use a brush to apply one coat of stain and follow behind the brush with a rag to catch any drips or streaks. Leave the stain on longer for darker color.


5. Be patient between steps!
Stain provides color, it does not provide any protection from water or other liquids. Wait until the stain is dry, about 24 hours, to apply polyurethane. You don't have to sand between coats if you don't want to for beginner projects. If you do though, use 220 sand paper.

Are you a novice carpenter yet?! Get excited for the return of Trading Spaces by binging classic episodes on TLC GO!