Top Tips to Grow Your Personal Brand on Social Media

posted: 03/07/18
by: Kristine Boyd


Social media is present now more than ever. More and more people are using platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to grow their personal brand. This is an efficient way to help grow a business, side hustle or simply share your life's adventures! With the vast amounts of social media pages, it can be overwhelming to know what to do and where to start. We have a few tips on how to grow your page in order to spread your mission!

  1. Have a clear mission/purpose

When someone stumbles across your page, it should be clear what you are all about. Whether your focus is fitness, personal development, a specific business or a travel page, make sure it is clear to the viewer. An easy way to do this is by having an on-brand description on the first page of your social media platform. Also make sure to post relatable and valuable content related to your brand! An easy way to know if your message is clear is by having a friend or coworker look at your page who has never seen it before and see if they can identify the purpose of the page in under 10 seconds.

  1. Stay consistent

The best way to grow your page is to stay consistent. People want to follow accounts who are posting on a regular basis. The more you post, the more chance you have of gaining traffic on your page. Most influencers recommend posting a minimum of once a day, but 2-3 times is best. If this sounds time consuming, there are a lot of great apps and websites out there that can help you plan all your social media posts to ensure you are providing consistent content to your followers!


  1. Post quality content

While quantity and consistency are important, you want to make sure you are also posting quality content. Most smartphone cameras take great pictures these days, so use that to your advantage! Make sure you have decent lighting and use editing features to make your pictures appear brighter and clearer if needed. If you are not posting pictures, but posting written work, make sure it is free of spelling errors and provides information or insight to the reader.

Back when I started itstodiefor.ca, I used a 'prehistoric' camera of my mom's (from the 80s) to shoot food. Eight years ago when I met my hubby @yads, he couldn't believe my ancient set-up and began gifting me cameras every Christmas (so romantic!). At the time, I kind of resented the practical gifts, but in retrospect am so glad he pushed me to get comfortable with new, better equipment. Recently @canoncanada reached out to work together on their #One2Watch campaign -- it included a camera upgrade ? I'm now using a #Canon6D and the switchover to the new machine has been painless. Finding the camera very user-friendly and the shots are noticeably higher quality (example ?? -- this is a vegan remake of @linda_lomelino's blood orange upside-down cake). Loving the depth of field. Much less editing required and the 6D shoots SO WELL in low-light! (...previously one of my biggest issues.) If you have any questions about my photography / camera set-up please ask away ?? #ShotOnCanon #sponsored

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  1. Use ALL the platform's features

Apps reward users who regularly use all the apps features. The algorithm gives consistent users more chances to pop on suggested lists and explore pages. For example, if you are using Instagram, you should not only post to your page, but also post stories, like and comment on other's posts. Also make sure that you are interacting with your followers by liking their comments and responding to questions.

  1. Use hashtags to your advantage

Using hashtags related to your posts will make it easy for other users to see your page. Especially with the recent feature of being able to follow popular hashtags, allows your page a better chance to reach a wider range of people. However, you want to keep the hashtags related to your content. Too many unrelated hashtags could make your page look like spam.

  1. Be authentic

Through it all, make sure you are being yourself! There are thousands of people also trying to grow their brand, but they aren't you. Keep your unique style and create posts that are authentic to who you are. When you let your personality really shine through in your posts, people will enjoy your content and want to follow your page!

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Whether you are trying to grow a business or simply share your story on social media, these are some of the essential tips you should be aware of. Just by doing a few little things every day, you will be able to notice a huge difference in the amount of people you are able to reach!