Toddler Screams “Yeah!” When Parents Talk and They Have No Idea What To Do About It

posted: 05/23/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
At first it was cute. Then it was annoying. Now it's "endearing" and "her signature trademark," according to her dad.

When blogger Mindy Bingham turns the camera on to vlog, her 2-year-old daughter screams "yeah!" whenever she talks to it. The frequency of this goofy occurrence is really brought to life in a hilarious compilation video where Bingham can't seem to get a full sentence out.

The little girl's name is Hazyl, and her parents have specified that she only does this when the camera is on. At one point in the video, Bingham seems to be truly dumbfounded by her daughter's actions and asks: "seriously, what is her deal?"

Not even Hazyl's father Branden is safe; as seen in the video, when he tries to talk, his sentences are overpowered by his toddler's exclamation.

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken a moment to watch this cute compilation and many have commented about how this showcases the realities of raising toddlers.

Do any toddlers you know have unique habits like this one?