Toddler Decides to Try Wasabi For the First Time — Immediately Regrets Her Decision

posted: 03/08/18
by: TLCme
It's been a big week for kids trying foods for the first time, earlier this week we had pizza girl, and now I'm happy to introduce the wasabi queen.

At first the young girl, Rosie, is hesitant, and then he's curious -- finally he is regretful.

The first two times Rosie's mom asked if she wanted to try the spicy Japanese paste, Rosie said no -- but her eyes told a different story. Eventually Rosie yelps out "wasabi" and her mother gives her a taste. The adventure wasn't quite what Rosie had in mind, as she chews the new food her eyes widen and her nostrils flare up and a couple seconds later she lets out a high pitched "help." Which is likely how many would feel after trying the sneakily spicy sushi accompaniment.