TLCme Now: Sunday, July 30

posted: 07/30/17
by: TLCme

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It is possible to live a healthy lifestyle without having an obsession with the scale. In fact, women everywhere are starting a movement to forget the scale by using the hashtag #screwthescale. Ladies are posting pictures of themselves going to the gym, eating healthy, AND not caring about their weight. Now this is a trend we want to take part in, because seriously, #screwthescale.

Wedding Etiquette
Wedding season is upon us so lets talk guest etiquette. There are a few rules that should go without saying, but some of us might need a refresher.

  1. Don't Bring an Uninvited Guest- On the biggest day of your life would you want to be surrounded by strangers
  2. Unplug During the Event. You wouldn't believe how many beautiful professional shots have been ruined because someone just had to snap a pic on their cell phone
  3. .Remember that some weddings are kid-friendly and some are not. It is imperative that you know which kind of wedding you're attending.

Chore Charts
When kids do chores it helps them understand responsibility, but sometimes it can be hard to get the kids to clean their rooms. If you're looking for creative ways to get the job done, chore charts are fun and help get your kids excited about helping out. These charts will provide incentive for your kids to help but will also help them feel accomplished for completing tasks!