TLCme Now: How a Messy Kitchen Affects You, #EricaInTheHouse, and Quick Home Decor Hacks

posted: 03/05/16
by: Briana Finelli
Danni Starr on TLCme Now
TLCme Now
Danni Starr covered this week's hottest stories on TLCme Now this weekend. Missed a story? Have no fear. Check out our weekly recap and catch yourself up!

1. Messy kitchens might be more of an issue than we thought. As it turns out, a messier kitchen means messier eating habits, and it could mean more snacking. Find out why cleaning your kitchen could help you make some good lifestyle changes!

2. The fabulous Erica Domesek, founder of P.S. - I Made This, has joined TLCme as our lifestyle and DIY expert! Check out her first vlog: How to Find Flea Market Deals. Be sure to check back for more DIY inspo and fab finds. If you love what you see, join the conversation with the hashtag #EricaInTheHouse.

3. Improving your home for next to nothing is easier than you think. Check out these five ways to totally transform your home--and do it for under $5!

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