Tips & Tricks to Bring Your Home to Life with Lighting

posted: 06/15/16
by: TLCme
picture of well lit home

Perhaps more than any other d?cor element, lighting has the power to truly transform a room. Lighting comes in many forms from natural to overhead to lamps. Here are some options to consider when considering how to light your home.

Overhead lighting

Overhead lighting, if done without too much thought, can feel too glaring and creates unflattering angles. To keep it from being too harsh, choose recessed lighting, which diffuses the light, making it more subtle.

Natural Light

Natural light is always the best light, almost universally. But depending on the way your windows are facing, you might have to put some careful consideration into how you will regulate that light - custom blinds have come a long way over the years, and gauzy curtains that let some of the light through are great, modern options.


Lamps are where you can really let your style (pardon the pun) shine. From a smaller, ceramic-based lamp that sits on a shelf or end table, to a mid-century modern tall, curving floor-anchored design, lamps much more than just lighting solutions. They can serve the purpose of demarking the boundaries of a room and can almost be furniture in their own right.


Formerly only seen in grand ballrooms, chandeliers have made a huge comeback and come a range of designs from formal to quirky to minimal. No longer limited to the draping layers of jewels (though those are gorgeous in their own right), you can now find chandeliers made from everything from wood to paper, too. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle and see how it lights up your whole room - literally and figuratively.