Tips to Navigate Black Friday Shopping and How to Get the Best Deals

posted: 11/25/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Calendar that shows Black Friday date

If you're getting ready to brave the malls on Black Friday, you need to prepare now! Since the Friday after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the entire year, you'll find big crowds and big discounts. So to make sure you get all the items on your holiday shopping list, here's how to navigate Black Friday like a pro.

Search Out Prices Before You Go- While you'll find some amazing deals while you're out shopping on Black Friday, don't be fooled by all sale prices that really aren't sale prices. Sure the signs say "big discounts" but that might not be true everything in the store. Be sure to check the original price of the item and do a quick comparison online. You might be able to get the item cheaper somewhere else or on another day.

Stay Organized- Make sure you have all of your coupons and frequent shopper cards handy before you hit the stores. This will make shopping, saving money, and checking out a lot easier. Keep your paper coupons in an envelope and create a folder on your phone for any online coupons. After making a purchase, put all of the receipts and gift receipts in the coupon envelope so you don't lose them. Also, ask about the return policies of the store before you purchase.

Make a List and Call Ahead- Just like you'd make a grocery list before you shop, do the same for Black Friday. Write out all of the items and toys you'd like to purchase and use different websites and apps to compare prices. Then call the stores and ask how much inventory they have of the items you want. There's no need to wait for hours in line for a great deal on a TV if the store only has five to sell. Calling the store and making a list helps you figure out what stores you need to go to first.

Sign Up for Emails and Check Out Early Bird Specials- Because prices of items may change throughout the day on Black Friday, add your name to the email list for the stores you'll be shopping at and look for specific details on early bird specials. You might get additional discounts through the emails and if you have questions, just call the store and ask!

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