Tips to Maximizing Your Bathroom Space

posted: 08/19/17
by: Molly Moran

Why is it that bathrooms--probably one of the highest traffic rooms in the house--tend to be so small? While we can ogle over these envy-inspiring bathrooms, the reality is that most people have to figure out a way to make a small space work for multiple people. Here are our top five tips to maximizing space in your bathroom:

1.) Organize Your Shower
Even if you have a small shower or bathtub, there are great (affordable) shelves and shower caddies you can install that save a ton of space and keep your bathroom looking clean and organized.

2.) Don't Ignore the Toilet Area
There is usually a decent amount of space above the toilet that people tend to ignore (for obvious reasons). However, that unused space is a great opportunity to install extra shelving for things like toilet paper and cleaning products.

3.) Consolidate Products
While your children and spouse may want their own scent of shampoo or body wash, there are certain products the whole family can share. For example, using a universal moisturizer like Lubriderm Daily Lotion can save shelf space by consolidating everyone's needs into one bottle.

4.) Keep Your Towels On The Door
Don't use up wall space in your bathroom--install hooks or a bar on the back of your door for your towels!

5.) Baskets Are Your Friend
Place objects in the bathroom into baskets and then put them on your shelves. You'd be surprised how many more products you can fit into one space by organizing this way first!


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