Tips to Cut Your Morning Makeup Routine in Half

posted: 05/19/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Love Yourselfie: 3 Minute Make-Up Challenge

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Claire Ashley takes the 3 minute make-up challenge, can she apply her full face of make up in under 3 minutes and get out the door!?

There never seems to be enough time in the morning to get everything done, and if you are spending an hour every day looking at the bathroom mirror while you apply your makeup, it's time to change up your morning routine. So go ahead and press that snooze button or enjoy an extra cup of coffee because with these tips to cut your makeup routine in half, you'll have time to spare.

Look for Multitasking Products - Instead of cleansing your face and layering on the products, look for a cleanser that is pH balanced so you don't need to use a toner after you cleanse. Same with your moisturizer. Look for one that contains the same ingredients as your daily serums so you can apply just one product. Also, tinted moisturizers are perfect for hydration and just a touch of color and coverage.

Mix Your Makeup - To add foundation in a few seconds, mix your liquid foundation with your moisturizer and blend onto your face. You'll get quick coverage and your skin will look at feel hydrated.

Skip the Makeup Bag - Rather than keep all of your makeup in a bag or drawer, organize your daily makeup, brushes, and applicators on the bathroom counter so you can quickly grab what you need rather than searching through every piece of makeup you own. Use your regular makeup bag for all of the extra makeup you won't be using for your daily routine.

Try the Eye Shadow Hack - No time for a full eye of makeup? Just draw a thick line with your eyeliner onto your lids and then use your fingertips to smudge for a smoky look in a minute.

Consider Something Semi-Permeant - For the ultimate timesaver in the morning, take a trip to the salon to have your eyebrows tinted and opt for eyelash extensions. While these beauty treatments can get pricy, you will save time in the morning by waking up with gorgeous lashes and eyebrows on fleek every day.

Choose 3 and Skip the Rest - When you are pressed for time, choose the three items you must have or you'll feel naked. So if it's bronzer, mascara, and lip gloss. Use just those three and go! By limiting the number of products you are using, the more time you will save.