Tips for Taking the Tears Out of Detangling Hair

posted: 08/31/16
by: Amanda Mushro

If your kid wakes up most mornings with some serious bedhead, you know it's going to be a rough start to the day. Combing out their knots and tangles is a real test to your patience and can be really painful for them. If you've ever a panicked and thought the only way to salvage their hair is throwing a hat on their head or you've felt the urge to grab the scissors to cut the knot out--walk away from those scissors! Here's tear-free tips to detangle your kids hair.

Don't Detangle Dry Hair- While it can be tempting to just dive in and try to break up the tangles, stop! Trying to detangle you little one's dry hair will cause breakage, frizz, and it just hurts! So when you're faced with serious bedhead, it's best to work with wet hair fresh from the bath, or simply wet the hair with a spray bottle. Adding a few drops of conditioner to the spray bottle helps on ease some of those serious knots.

Lots of Conditioner- Skip the two in one washes and get a moisturizing conditioner for your kiddo. Lather up your child's hair with the conditioner and let it sit while they play in the tub. For kids with dry or curly hair, skip the shampoo all together and just condition. Shampoo, even moisturizing shampoo, can still dry out their hair and cause tangles.

Have the Right Tools- If battling tangles and knots is a daily chore, then you need to right tools. Skip regular brushes and opt for wide tooth combs instead. In our house, we are huge fans of the Wet Brush. I have no idea why it works so well, but it is a miracle worker on my daughter's very curly hair. Also be sure to have detangling spray on hand, but be get a moisturizing detangler that doesn't dry out their hair even more.

From the Bottom to the Top- Starting at the root of their hair and brushing out the knot is painful and damages their hair. Instead, start by sectioning off their wet hair in one to two inch sections. Then working from the tip up, use the wide tooth comb or the Wet Brush to detangle. The process will go faster and won't result in tears.


Sleep on Satin- Seems pretty fancy, but a satin pillow case helps to lock moisture in your child's hair and helps to cut down on tangles and knots better than a regular cotton pillow case.