Three Earth Day Inspired STEM Activities for Your Kids

posted: 04/21/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Earth Day
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Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, let's get our kids outside playing, exploring, and having fun with a little bit of science. From using the power of the sun, recycling and finding new uses for items we use every day, to talking about the importance of conservation and taking care of our planet, here are three easy and fun STEM inspired activities that are perfect for Earth Day.


Solar Powered S'More Maker

You don't need a campfire to whip up a few yummy s'mores. All you need is the power of the sun and a few supplies. Start with a shoebox or a pizza box and cover the inside with aluminum foil. Then start to build your s'more on top of the foil but leave the top graham cracker off. Wrap the box in plastic wrap and let it sit in the sun to cook. You'll be surprised at how quickly the chocolate and marshmallows melt! When the s'more is nice and melty, unwrap the plastic, top the s'more with another graham cracker, and enjoy!


s'mores maker
Amanda Mushro

Bubble Snakes

Using a bubble wand to make tiny bubbles is lots of fun but what else can you use to make bubbles? For wild and crazy bubbles snakes you'll need an empty water bottle, a sock, tape, a small dish, and a water and dish soap mixture. Start by cutting off the bottom portion of the water bottle. Then slide the sock over the bottom of the bottle and secure the tape. Next, put the dish soap and water mixture inside the bowl and dip the sock into the mixture. Have your kids blow into the top of the water bottle to create the bubble snakes. You can even add a little food coloring to change the color of the bubbles and try different mixtures of soap and water to see what makes the best bubbles.


bubble snakes
Amanda Mushro

Window Plants

Start a garden in your house by using your window as the backdrop. Start by placing seeds or beans-like lima beans inside wet paper towel and drop them into a plastic sandwich bag. Tape the bag to the window and after a few days, you and your kids will be able to watch as your tiny garden start to grow.
window plants
Amanda Mushro