Thoughtful Students Surprise Their Teacher with Kittens after Her Cat Dies

posted: 05/12/16
by: Amanda Mushro

What's happens when you combine adorable kittens, kids being awesome, and a deserving teacher? Only the best viral video you'll see all day.

A beloved Texas teacher, Tonya Andrews was devastated after her 16-year-old cat Blondie died. When she shared her sadness with her students, they knew they needed to do something to cheer her up. The very next day, four of her students surprised her with balloons, flowers, cupcakes, and two precious kittens.

In the heartwarming video (posted to Twitter with the caption "We surprised our teacher with kittens because her cat passed away yesterday,") Mrs. Andrews asks, "Are those for me?" She then tears up and kisses the kittens' heads.

The students, Ashlei Mahan, Rachel Hanhart, Makayla Comer, and Sheridan Swinde, act of kindness has received over 60,000 retweets and 100,000 likes since it was posted on Twitter.

How about that for teacher appreciation.