This Woman Made Her Own Amazing Wedding Dress for Just $70

posted: 12/08/15
by: TLCme

Credit: Julie Graham Photography

Most brides are trying to figure out ways to save money and still look amazing on their wedding day. And Abbey Ramirez-Bodley did exactly that. When she couldn't find a wedding dress that met her budgetary needs, she decided to make one. By hand.

Yup, Abbey crocheted her dress from scratch, after she saw a similar style on another woman.

"I really fell in love with the idea," she told Mashable. "I decided to change it a bit and make it into my own ideal wedding dress."

So how long did it take to create her dream dress? Oh, just eight months or so. Abbey used cotton yarn she purchased for just $70, and had her aunt help her. Every week, she made the two and a half hour journey to where her aunt lived to get extra help.

When the big day finally came, she paired her homemade, gorgeous crocheted gown with a green dress she found for $100. Green happened to be the theme color of the wedding.

"Making something with your own hands out of love is very special on the most important day of your life," she said.