This Woman Flips Off Her Sleeping Infant — Would You?

posted: 08/27/15
by: Mara Betsch
Rebecca Schuman
Rebecca Schuman

Even though children are a blessing, we'd be remiss if we didn't admit that sometimes we think that they were made somewhere other than heaven. At their best, they're adorable, sweet little ones and at their crankiest, height-of-a-tantrum moments, they test our patience and, frankly, drive us completely bonkers.

Most of us vent these frustrations to our co-workers, mommy groups, or our spouses, but what if you took a different approach to getting the same emotional release?

Rebecca Schuman wrote a fascinating article for Slate in which she details her way of coping with being a stay-at-home mom to a particularly feisty seven-month-old. She says:

"Sometimes, it takes longer to put the little tyrant to sleep than she'll deign to remain asleep. It is on those days that I celebrate her hard-won unconsciousness by taking a nice little selfie in which she's conked out, and I'm flipping her the bird."

Schuman explains that this not only helps her from going straight-up "Mommy Dearest" and a way for her to cope with hours of nursing, rocking and hauling a 22-pound child. She also does it to get a laugh out of her husband and claims it's merely a gesture of affection.

However she does realize that her approach is nontraditional, and not really encouraged by her ethics professor friend or other philosophers, but she comes to the conclusion that the pictures of her "baby bird" gallery, as she calls it, make her a happier, less frustrated mom.

And if that's what keeps her a (relatively) sane, good mom, then we're not going to tell her to stop.

Do you have any unconventional ways of dealing with tough kids?