This Wedding Dance Video Definitely Made Grandma Clutch Her Pearls

posted: 08/07/15
by: Courtney Reimer

We gotta hand it to this bride and groom for not only having the wherewithal to do an elaborately choreographed first dance that involved seemingly the entire wedding party, but for choosing some arguably risque music and moves for the dance.

It starts out with the traditional, low key, bride-and-groom hands clasped as romantic music plays, but abruptly changes tune (literall and figuratively) as it jumps into Sir Mix-A-Lot rapping "I like big butts and I cannot lie..." (recently re-popularized by Nicki Minaj on "Anaconda").

We'll admit to being a little on the square side here, but one can only imagine how the grandmas in attendance might've reacted to the frequent references to big butts and bootylicious bodies (not to mention the suggestive moves that accompanied them).

If you're wondering who this ballsy couple is, you might be surprised to hear it's a British couple, the now Mr. and Mrs David (and Hollie) Smith. "I think our bridesmaids and ushers thought we were joking to begin with," the bride told her local paper, The Leicestershire Mercury.