This Video of Babies FaceTiming Will Make Your Heart Melt

posted: 02/17/17
by: TLCme

Didn't think babies could get any cuter?

Think again.

Watch their cuteness levels skyrocket when they are captured "talking" to each other over FaceTime. In this clip that went viral, two babies are attempting to talk to one another in a video call which resulted in an adorable back-and-forth of baby babbles.

It wasn't long before Ellen DeGeneres put a goofy spin on it. In a clip she aired on her show, she put subtitles over the babies' banter, making one of them say to the other: "how ya doin', playa?" The baby responds with, "same old, same old."

Do you have a baby at home? Try setting him or her up on a FaceTime date with another baby and see what happens. Lovable baby banter might very well ensue!