This Video of a Baby Pranking Her Dad Will Make Your Day

posted: 09/15/15
by: TLCme

This video you're about to watch has already racked up 26 million views -- and certainly just as many smiles. Apparently this baby, not yet old enough to talk, is wise enough to know how to prank her dad. As he attempts to cut her nails, she mocks being scared or hurt -- and then erupts into hysterical laughter along with her father.

Olhem quem aprendeu a dar susto no papai!! Hahahaha essa minha Piquerruxa.. #mamaeencantada

Posted by Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama on Saturday, September 5, 2015

Little is known as yet about the woman behind this super-viral video beyond that she lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and have a very, very cute and feisty child.