This Video of a 93-Year-Old Woman Loving Her Workout Makes Us Want to Hit the Gym Too

posted: 03/12/18
by: Amanda Mushro


If you're struggling to work out today, let me introduce you to your fitness motivation: 93-year-old Helene Z. Miller.

Helene is the star of the latest viral video that has fitness fanatics and those of us who have passed on the gym too many times wanting to lace up our sneakers and join her for a dance session at the gym.

The now viral video was shared by Joana Zanin whose mother, Elizabeth, trains the fabulous Helene at a gym in Pierre, South Dakota. In the video, Elizabeth and Helene perform a choreographed routine that Helene can do safely from a chair. As she moves her arms and legs to an upbeat song, she laughs and giggles the entire time. Her joy is contagious and it's impossible to watch the video and not smile. If only working out made us this happy--gym sessions might be a lot easier.

Zanin captioned the video, which has already amassed over 9.9 million views, "My mom trains this 93 year old and it's the cutest thing ever. Her laugh and smile makes her young #blessed"

According to Joana, her mother has been working with Helene three times a week for two years. When Helene had a health scare three years ago, she knew she had to make a few life changes. "When I don't go (to the gym), I'm like a different person," she told TODAY. "It gives me something to look forward to."

So if living your best life is laughing your way through a gym session, sign us up! Just make sure we get to dance next to Helene.