This Transgender Teen Did Something Unprecedented Before Transitioning

posted: 08/03/15
by: Courtney Reimer

When Cole Carman opted to make the biological transition from female (which he was assigned at birth) to male, he made the unprecedented decision to harvest eggs from his ovaries so that later in life he could later have biological children. The decision makes Cole, now 18 and formerly known as Nicole, among very few who have harvested their eggs before transitioning.

The decision was one informed by his own research and the foresight of a doctor who asked what he would like to do with the eggs in the ovaries he was born with. Cole had already undergone a double mastectomy and was about to begin testosterone treatment when his doctor posed a question about the eggs.

"I did some research on the egg-retrieving process," Cole told People magazine. "I already knew I wanted kids, so to say yes and make that decision was a no-brainer."

He underwent the procedure in May, but a hurdle remains: egg freezing and storage is not inexpensive. To help pay the long-term storage fee, Cole started a GoFundMe campaign called Cole's Future Fertility Fund. As of this writing, he has raised $360 of the $3000 required to do the procedure.

When the time comes, according to Yahoo Parenting, Cole will have the option of choosing to either carry the child himself or use a partner or surrogate. In the meantime, Cole is looking forward to starting his studies at California State University in Sacramento this September, where he will be studying kinesiology.