This Super Mario-Themed Wedding Is Princess Peach-Perfect 

posted: 08/28/15
by: TLCme
Megan Saul Photography

How much do you love Super Mario? Enough to theme your entire friggin' wedding around it? Because that's exactly what one Nintendo-tastic couple did for their nuptials. Sheana and Mark of Dallas, Texas, got married in full Mario regalia. They walked down the aisle to the the Super Mario theme song and you wouldn't believe the outfits.

Did they dress in full Mario regalia? YOU BET THEY DID.

While Sheana dressed as Princess Peach, Mark was decked out as Mario. The guests came in costume, too. Many were dressed as Toads, Luigis and Donkey Kongs -- not exactly accurate to the game, but we'll let it slide. Offbeat Bride recapped some of the greatest moments -- see the pictures (by Megan Saul Photography) below.

May they have as many 1UPs together as possible.