This Smart Swimsuit Tells You When to Reapply Sunscreen

posted: 06/17/15
by: Mara Betsch
bathing suit sunscreen

As anyone who's spent a little too much time in the sun knows, sunburns are the absolute WORST. And to add insult to (skin) injury, the rates of skin cancer are at all-time highs, with new melanoma cases -- the most dangerous kind of skin cancer -- climbing steadily.

But even if you have the best of intentions, it can be hard to remember to reapply sunscreen when you're having a blast outside.

Thankfully, this genius French swimsuit line, Spinali Design, has placed a UV sensor right into its designs. You simply input your skin type into a supporting app, and the the sensor monitors your ambient temperature, calculating exacting when you should slather on more sunscreen or take a break from the sun. When you hit this point in the day, it pings your app as a reminder.

Cool, right? The only downside is the cost, which comes in at 150 euros, or about $168 dollars.

But if you're not one to regularly wear a bathing suit, or don't want to throw down a ton of cash, there are other options. There's the fashion magazine-approved JUNE bracelet (or brooch, depending on your style). It contains UV sensors that measure your sun exposure throughout the day, but it also gives you a daily sun forecast, prediction your risk of UV radiation that day and advising you to pack sunscreen and a hat. It's $129, but pretty versatile.

For those looking for a more affordable way to monitor your sun exposure, the sunZapp app may do the trick. For just $1.99 -- there's a free version as well -- you can fill out a questionnaire and it will tell you how long it will take you to get sunburned on a particular day and when to reapply sunscreen.

There are also plenty of other apps that provide the UV index in your location or have timers to tell you when to apply sunscreen, but even if none of these high-tech devices are for you, the best way to prevent skin cancer is by keeping a bottle of SPF 30 in your bag -- and applying it often!