This Sleeping Baby Inspired One Heck of a Santa Photo Shoot

posted: 12/07/15
by: TLCme
baby santa
Donnie's Daddy Daycare

Babies are already cute, right? But babies at Christmas? Unstoppably cute. Not always so cute? Taking a babe to the mall for the annual Christmas photo with Santa. Inevitably there's crying, whining, and and super long lines. And there's no telling if your child's going to actually cooperate once you get up to Santa after the wait. But not for Zeke Walters (the little elf seen below).

Bedtime? But daddy Santa needs me back at the North Pole! Those toys won't build themselves silly!!!Plus, I'm well rested after that nap with Mr. Kringle.

Posted by Donnie's Daddy Daycare on Friday, November 27, 2015

Zeke Walters' dad Donnie waited in line for photos with Santa but the toddler was fast asleep by the time they made it to the big guy. So the Santa at the local Evansville, Indiana, mall decided to go with it. "Don't wake your child; we got the perfect shot," said the Santa, who promptly posed in perfect recline with the sleeping 6-month-old.

The Eastland Mall Santa took a series of photos with the sleeping kiddo, and Donnie posted them to his Facebook page. The photos quickly went viral, and were shared more than 200,000 times. Other local residents noted that the Santa had also taken similar photos with their kids and grandkids.

baby sleeping with santa

Pretty sweet, huh?