This Shape-Shifting “Mermaid” Pillow Is Exactly What Your Home Needs

posted: 01/13/16
by: TLCme
mermaid sequin pillow

Think this glittery pillow is the same as all the others? THINK AGAIN. People all over the world are freaking out about what's been dubbed as the "mermaid pillow" ever since it was discovered that the shiny fabric changes colors depending on what direction you smooth it.

Came across these changing "mermaid" pillows at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Amazing or horrifying? Nebraska Furniture Mart doesn't sell these on line- here's a link to a vendor http://www.blingisthenewblack.com/#!online-store/c9vn/!/OUR-BLING-MERMAID-STYLE-REVERSIBLE-SEQUIN-PILLOW-17X17-SALE/p/58973055/category=0

Posted by Steve Noviello on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pretty cool, huh?

The neat trick was discovered by Steve Noviello, an anchor at Fox 4 in Dallas, Texas, who found the fancy pillow at a store called Nebraska Furniture Mart. The shape-shifting pillow caught his eye, so he did a little segment on it and it blew the hell up. The clip's been viewed more than 27 MILLION times, with people clamoring to get their hands on a magic pillow of their own.

Designed by Aviva Stanoff Design, the Mermaid Sequins Pillow, as it's officially called, is NOT CHEAP. They retail for around $150 each, and we're pretty sure they'll go for even more on eBay. You can try and win one of your very own through Nebraska Furniture Mart's Facebook page, if you really can't get enough of 'em.