This ‘Say Yes’ Bride Found Love After Tragedy

posted: 12/16/15
by: Katie Morton
Brandi and Dustin Blair
Facebook/Brandi Blair

The worst day of your life doesn't often lead to your happiest, but for Brandi Kaufman and Dustin Blair, it did. Firefighter Dustin saved Brandi's life when he rescued her from a terrible car accident. Little did he know that it was his future bride that he was pulling from the wreckage.

The date of their fateful meeting was March 29, 2012. Brandi, her younger sister, Stephanie, and her sister's friend, Savannah, were on their way to a local restaurant when their car ran off the road. Tragically, Savannah died on impact, Stephanie was gravely injured, and Brandi, also badly injured, was trapped inside the destroyed vehicle.

Together with the rest of the rescue team, Dustin pried open the vehicle and removed Brandi, taking care to stabilize her spine and neck as Brandi screamed and cursed in agony. Sadly, Brandi's sister did not survive her critical injuries; she later passed away at the hospital.

Brandi's healing begins

Dustin thought of Brandi and visited the hospital during her acute care phrase, though she was still unconscious. Brandi regained consciousness and was eventually transferred to a physical rehab facility to begin the arduous process of recovery, including learning how to walk again. A long month later, she continued her recovery at a nursing home, where she was the youngest resident by many decades. Brandi was lonely, in pain, and suffering from survivors' guilt over the loss of her teenage sister.

A fateful reunion

Months later, Brandi and Stephanie's mother set up a meeting to thank the firefighters who had saved her eldest daughter and valiantly fought to save her younger one. Brandi met Dustin again and they both felt something spark as they posed for a photo in front of Dustin's firetruck. She later shared the photo on social media with her friends, captioned with the powerful words, "If it were not for the man in the picture, I would not be here."

A little after a year after their second meeting, Dustin requested Brandi's mom blessing and then asked for Brandi's hand in marriage. Brandi thinks that Dustin has given her a reason to live again, and Dustin recognizes the superhuman strength of his future wife, "Brandi thinks I gave her a reason to live again, but she also gave me one. Watching her heal, seeing her resilience, made me realize the strength of the human spirit. It made me excited about the future."

If Brandi's story sounds familiar to you, it's probably because she was on "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta" -- Jessie James Decker even showed up to help! Brandi finally got to wear the lovely princess ball gown she picked out to her wedding this summer, but she had a new accessory -- a baby bump! Dustin and Brandi welcomed a beautiful baby girl on July 20th, and it looks like they're happier than ever.

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