This Postal Worker Did The Sweetest Thing For a Boy Missing His Dog

posted: 06/16/15
by: TLCme

(Roberto Westbrook | Courtesy photo)

When Mary and Roberto Westbrook's 13-year-old beagle Moe passed away in April, their young son Luke was heartbroken. The 3-and-a-half-year-old missed him dearly and kept asking what happened to the pup. So Mary suggested that Luke write Moe a letter, catching him up on all the exciting things he'd been up to each day.

Every day, Mary and Luke wrote a letter for Moe, and put it in the mailbox. They'd address it to Moe Westbrook, Doggie Heaven, Cloud 1.

Are you crying yet?

The notes would typically say things like "I miss you. I hope you're having fun in doggie heaven."

Mary would typically carry the notes out to the mailbox with Moe and then go back to retrieve them after Luke fell asleep. One night, though, she forgot to grab the note, and it ended up getting picked up with the rest of her mail.

The next day, according to the Virginian-Pilot a note appeared in the Westbrook's mailbox, addressed to Luke. It read, "I'm in Doggie Heaven. I play all day. I am happy. Thank you 4 being my friend. I wuv you Luke."

The letter writer? Zina Owens, a local postal worker who happened to find the letter at the post office.

"I felt it in my heart," she said. "Here was a child who had lost his dog, and any time you love something and it goes away, it hurts."

So she wrote back as Moe.

"You see so much negativity in the world," she told the Virginian-Pilot. "So many bad headlines. But we're more than that."

Okay, now you're crying.