This Police Lieutenant Dancing to Beyonce Will Make Your Heart Sing

posted: 10/18/16
by: TLCme

If I tried to tell you that I haven't tried to learn the dance moves to Beyonce's Formation, I'd be lying -- and it looks like Lieutenant Deuntay T. Diggs would be lying as well. Diggs performed at North Stafford High's Homecoming Pep Rally and the students went absolutely crazy.

NSHS Dance team rocks!

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In an interview with Buzzfeed, Diggs said that he basically learned the dance moves overnight, as he's a huge Beyonce fan (who isn't?!). During his interview Diggs also stated he was the openly gay officer to attend the Virginia Military Institute and to serve at the Stafford County Sheriff's Office. He stated that coming out to his foster parents was difficult, but he is proud and happy he did so and is now a motivational speaker for people going through a similar struggle.