This Photo of a Cute Child May Look Funny, But it Has a Scary Message

posted: 04/07/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

One mom recently took to Facebook to share a scary revelation she had after watching what she originally thought was a funny scene.

She caught her three-year-old daughter standing on the toilet, and while she laughed at first, she "broke down" after she learned why she was doing that.

"She was practicing for a lockdown drill at her preschool and what you should do if you are stuck in a bathroom," wrote Stacey Wehrman Feeley. "At that moment all [innocence] of what I thought my three-year-old possessed was gone." Feeley's emotional words were accompanied by the photo she captured of her daughter a top the toilet.

In writing about what she saw, Feeley made a call to action regarding gun control in this country.

"Politicians - take a look," she wrote. "This is your child, your children, your grandchildren, your great grand children and future generations to come...They are barely 3 and they will hide in bathroom stalls standing on top of toilet seats."

She went to make recommendations about how this country's gun control policy could be adjusted.

This powerful post currently has been shared tens of thousands of times and has over 6,000 comments. People can't seem to help but share their opinion on this photo that looks innocent on the surface, but is the opposite underneath.