This Mom’s Ingenious Clock Hack Will Help You Maintain Sanity

posted: 07/30/18
by: TLCme

Do you ever feel like your kids are always asking for a snack or something to eat? Well mother Molly Schultz has experienced this and came up with a genius way to manage her kid's expectations when it comes to when it's time to eat -- but they are allowed fruits and veggies 24/7. Molly bought a clock and used 4 different crayons to signify when it was time to eat and each color represents something else. She wrote:

"It's awesome because once they get the hang of it, they know what to expect. They did try to outsmart me by arguing that since the line was still in the yellow after they had a snack, they'd be allowed to have more. So then I had to explain that we only get one snack during that time. I also had to explain that I may still be cooking the meal once it hits the pink, green, or blue but that we would definitely eat before the color ended."

Molly is a mom to 5 kids and her kids have gotten used to the meal clock and it has helped her family stay on track. These are the times that work best for her family and you could try your own or some variation of this system!

via CafeMom