This Mom Proves There’s No Such Thing As a Perfect Body in Re-Creation of Calvin Klein Ads

posted: 04/27/16
by: Mara Betsch

In an inspiring blog and accompanying photographs, mom, blogger, and lawyer Brenda DeRouen beautifully articulates what it means to overcome body insecurities. Though she originally meant the blog to be geared towards moms, she quickly realized that women of all ages, shapes, and sizes have body hangups: This article is for the millions of women out there who recognize that their bodies are a piece of art. That it will continuously change and that it will naturally show signs of maturity, growth, age, and for those women who are super lucky: motherhood.

And boy does she do that! She explains that she became pregnant at 17, and despite her best efforts to exercise and moisturize her skin, her body was forever changed after birth (moms, we bet you can relate): The next day I gave birth to my son, fell in love with being a mommy, and forgot all about my stretch marks. The End! Sike! I was horrified. She goes on to outline how her stretch marks continued to be a point of insecurity for the next eight years, until she began her blog.

How was I going to start a blog and tell people to love themselves when I didn't even love myself? I decided right then and there that I needed to go face to face with my insecurities. I decided to no longer feel self-conscious about my body. I would no longer allow society to define MY beauty. And I would fall in love with me, completely. And after years of hiding myself from myself I finally seen who I really was.

Her goal is to prove that there's no such thing as the perfect body, and her photos are something any woman can relate to. Check out the original Calvin Klein ad followed by DeRouen's recreation (photos by Deun Ivory), and pop over to Ohbrenda.com to read her full blog.

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And here's Brenda's version: