This Model With Down Syndrome Will Be Doing New York Fashion Week

posted: 08/18/15
by: TLCme

Guess who is modelling in NY for NY fashion week xx

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Madeline Stuart had one goal -- to become a model -- and she seems to have accomplished that in spades. The 18-year-old with Down Syndrome spent the past few years losing forty pounds and getting into shape so she could chase her dreams of becoming a model. And over the past few months, Stuart, who hails from Brisbane, Australia, has been picking up steady work for several small clothing companies. She's currently the face of the brand EverMaya.

Now it seems she'll be walking the runway for New York Fashion Week. She'll be walking for a designer called FTL Moda.

Stuart announced the totally awesome news on her Instagram and ever since, she's been posting pic after pic of herself around New York City.

Walking in NYFW is kind of a big deal for Stuart, especially considering one of her earliest Instagram followers is fellow NYFW veteran Karlie Kloss. As for how she thinks it'll all go down, her mother is optimistic.

"The world was ready," Maddy's mom, Rosanne Stuart told <i>Cosmopolitan</i>. The world wants to be inclusive, it just hasn't had anyone on such a platform that they were able to do it easily." Rosanne says she's not sure what's next for her daughter, but that it's a hundred percent up to Madeline to decide what she wants for herself and her career. She does know that she wishes more people could be like Maddy.

"You know why Maddy is so loved? Because she loves herself. Maddie truly loves herself," Rosanne said. "She doesn't understand what discrimination is. I've never let her be exposed to it. If you can believe in yourself, you're going to hold your head higher. That's why people love Madeline. She will walk into a room and not judge anyone. I wish I could be more like my daughter."