This Might Be The Best Junk Food Hack Ever

posted: 05/27/15
by: TLCme

Ever think you're really smart? You probably are. But guess what? You're not as smart as the person who invented the SNACK GRINDER. What's that? It's the insanely, ridiculously simple way to spice up your food with your favorite snacks.

The folks over at the blog WonderHowTo were sick of getting their fingers and their pants covered in Cheetos and Doritos dust, so they came up with this genius hack. Simply buy a spice grinder at the store, empty it, and fill with your favorite snack.

Think of the endless possibilities! Cool Ranch Dorito-flavored eggs! Salt and Vinegar chip-seasoned mashed potatoes! Funyon-topped tacos! So perfect. Plus just using a tiny bit of junk food flavoring is bound to be healthier for you than going to town on a full bag of chips, right?